The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor, Michigan(RID6380) in partnership with the Rotary Club of Dhaka Mahanager, Bangladesh(RID3281) and The Foundation for Charitable Activitiesin Bangladesh(FCAB), a Michigan Registered not for profit and 501c3 organization (EIN:46-2270213) will use this Rotary Global Grant  to establish a primary healthcare and maternal health clinic in the rural village of Bagdumur, Shirajganj District, Bangladesh which currently has limited medical services available to the poor. The Grant will be used to achieve three primary objectives. Outfitting a medical clinic with office and medical supplies, providing basic health care services to the local residents, and conducting specific medical clinics to treat the most common health care needs.


Approximately three to four thousand individuals with the target population consisting primarily of women and children living in Bagdumur and surrounding villages will benefit from this global grant.The majority of patients served by this clinic have few financial resources and cannot afford medical services from the medical centers located in the nearest city. The location of this primary healthcare and maternity service clinic will be situated in Bagdumur which is a rural area in the outskirts of the city of Sirajganj (approximately a five hour drive from the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh)where currently very few medical facilities or doctors’ services exist. The local government has donated a piece of land in the village where the FCAB has built the clinic building.

Objective 1

This global grant addresses the medical needs of this community in three ways. First it will be used to fund the internalfinishing of the existing clinic building as well as the initial clinic set up: including purchasing equipment and basic medicalsupplies, as well as the necessary office and support furnishings necessary for communication and record keeping.

Objective 2

The second objective is to offer basic health care services provided by medical doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. Basic medical services will include health profiling in conjunction with short and long term treatment, prescription services, referral for diagnosis, health awareness campaigns, free prescription and medical supplies to the indigent population, and occasional consultation with overseas doctors through video conferencing services.

Objective 3

The third objective of the Grant will be to establish and fund four specific medical service clinics which will be 1) an eye care clinic providing cataract surgeries, eyeglass and micro-nutrient distribution, 2) an obstetrics/gynecology clinic providing routine and referral services for women’s health, 3) a diabetes/hypertension screening and support clinic, and 4) a pulmonary/respiratory health screening and support clinic.