The Foundation for Charitable Activities in Bangladesh (FCAB) is an American non-profit and non-governmental organization whose goal is to facilitate socio-economic development in Bangladesh by non-resident Bangladeshis and others interested in working with the country’s disadvantaged. FCAB will focus first on the entire needs of one village, Bagdumur in Sirajganj district. It will enable financial contributions towards FCAB projects, facilitate the exchange of interns, professionals and volunteers between the United States and Bangladesh, encourage social entrepreneurs and build partnerships with relevant institutions. As its capacity expands, donors may designate which geographic areas and on what projects they would like their donations to be directed.

Our Activities

Primary and Maternal Health Clinic

FCAB has retained the services of Dr. Himika Khan Rupa, (MBBS Doctor and Medical Officer – North Bengal Medical College and Hospital) to provide weekly health screenings and services to patients every Wednesday from 9am-1pm. It also has a full time trained…

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Jeebika – Livelihood and Human Development Program

Center for Zakat Management (CZM) is a social enterprise, aiming to promote and institutionalize the Muslim religious obligation of zakat, or almsgiving of a portion of one’s income to the poor, as an economic tool for bringing prosperity to the needy.

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Bagdumur – Bangladesh’s First Smart Village

In August 2015 Prof. Iqbal Husain, a Bangladeshi-American professor at North Carolina State University and member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), an international engineering organization, began discussing with the..

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“The Foundation for Charitable Activities in Bangladesh is working together to listen, learn and mobilize resources for innovative, integrated development in Bangladesh. Come join us! “

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