FCAB commissioned the Dhaka University Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT) to conduct a comprehensive baseline survey of the residents of Bagdumur in December 2015 to understand its current situation and to help design, monitor and evaluate future interventions. The survey looked at four areas: education, health, agriculture and education, in addition to public health. A surveillance system was used to capture demographic data that is being updated in a database. FCAB’s goals for the comprehensive demographic survey are as follows:

  • Get a full picture of the entire village population
  • The data would be used to drive, prioritize interventions
  • The results would serve as a record which could be used for future research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Help design the FCAB Smart Village pilot health component

The survey looked at the overall picture of the village from an injury, energy, agriculture, water/sanitation perspective, in addition to a health and demographic survey of nutrition, birth/death data, and information on basic immunization, deworming, daily diet/nutrition, birth weight/height.

Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman –Applied Statistics, Institute of Statistical Research and Training, Dr. Tapash Roy, University of Nottingham, Afroz Huda, Public Health Specialist, Shahid Akbar – CEO, Bangladesh Institute for ICT in Development (BIID), and Professor Mousumi Banerjee of the University of Michigan School of Public Health all played an instrumental role in the design and implementation of the survey.