FCAB organizes periodic focus group discussions (FGD) to listen to the views of Bagdumur’s residents, understand their needs and assess its programs. These discussions organized among different segments of the community also help determine how the village can contribute to its own development and what role FCAB can play.  In the initial FGD villagers were asked what was necessary to make their village a ‘model village.’

Focus Groups include:

  • Primary school age children
  • Adolescent boys
  • Adolescent girls
  • Parents
  • Village elders

Findings: Every FGD group was interested in making Bagdumur into a model village. The inadequate facilities of the village such as not enough qualified teachers, no high school, lack of employment opportunities, etc. came up from the focused group discussions. Villagers felt clean and safe water, quality education for all, a sanitary latrine in each house of the village, adequate health care facility, safe delivery and quality maternal health facility, awareness raising program on basic health issues, computer training facility etc. are the common requirements to turn Bagdumur into a model village. One simple suggestion offered by an adolescent girl illustrated how simple interventions can have the biggest impact when she asked for FCAB to keep a daily newspaper so that girls could keep abreast of the news as they were not able to go to the tea shops, etc. to get their news like boys or men.

When asked what their contribution could be, they suggested in the following manner: a) time b) labor c) cooperation, support, discussion, taking initiative and responsibility d) construction of housing by the community with their own effort.