In November 2015, Tayeeba was born into one of the poor families in Muktargachi village of Bohuli union in Sirajganj Sadar upazila. Her father Md. Babu Mia is a loom worker and her mother Bonya Khatun is a housewife. There are seven people including her paternal grandparents in the household. Babu Mia is the only earning member who has to provide for the entire household. The family was barely coping with their everyday expenses when baby Tayeeba, all of a sudden, fell ill. She had an allergic reaction to something and her whole body became covered with rash. Tayeeba’s mother and grandmother took her to a doctor at the nearest Pangashi Bazar. After examining Tayeeba thoroughly, the doctor gave her mother a list of medication for Tayeeba. But they had to return home without buying the medicines as those were too expensive for them. Babu Mia could not bear to see his child suffer anymore. So he borrowed money to buy the medicine for his daughter. They started giving her the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. But the medicines did not work.

As Tayeeba continued to suffer from her illness, her family members desperately started looking for other doctors in different areas. Then one day, Tayeeba’s grandmother heard from a neighbor about the FCAB Clinic in Bagdumur village where an MBBS doctor from Sirajganj North Bengal Medical College comes to see patients once a week. As soon as the grandmother learns that the clinic offers basic medical services through a paramedic every day, they bring Tayeeba to the FCAB Clinic. They were relieved to find out that the doctor was available on that very day. After examining baby Tayeeba, the doctor prescribed her some medicine which was available at the clinic free of cost. After one week of using the medicine, Tayeeba starts to slowly recover. Next week after re-examining Tayeeba, the doctor gave some more medicine free of cost. As a result of the free treatment provided by the FCAB Clinic, Tayeeba has now fully recovered from her allergies.