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    3. Personal/Professional Background

    a) Skills and Experience


    Details of Experience





    Proposal & Report Writing


    Film Making

    Graphic Design

    Field Work

    Social Work




    Management (i.e., Human Resources Management, Finance & Accounts, Marketing, etc.)



    b) Knowledge of Bangla

    Knowledge of Bangla is useful, though not necessarily critical.

    Do you have any knowledge of Bangla?

    If yes, please state your level of proficiency:




    c) What concerns or questions do you have about living and working in Bangladesh?

    Internship/volunteer placements involve working and living in rural Bangladesh, where facilities
    including access to power, hot water, internet, heat or air conditioning, etc. are limited and it may
    be hot, rainy and humid. Interns will be expected in most cases to share accommodations and eat
    locally available food. They will be expected to dress and behave in a locally culturally appropriate
    and respectful manner and be mindful of their personal security at all times.

    If you have any medical or other conditions that might affect your ability to spend time in the field
    during your internship placement, please describe these below:

    Do you have any dietary restrictions?

    d) Medical Information

    Do you have any allergies?

    Emergency Contact:

    If you are placed in an FCAB internship you must attest that you are medically sound to travel and
    work in Bangladesh and that you are aware of and will have met the necessary medical
    precautions, including vaccines, and will bring any required medications, etc. You may get an idea
    of health precautions at:

    All successful applicants are responsible for meeting all necessary travel authorization
    requirements to travel to and intern in Bangladesh. Please check with the Embassy of Bangladesh
    in Washington DC at www.bdembassyusa.org. They should also seek out travel warning
    information from their respective relevant government agency.

    FCAB bears no legal, financial or other liability for any accidents, violations of local or
    international law or other incidents suffered or perpetrated by FCAB interns during their FCAB
    internships or stay in Bangladesh. It is the responsibility of each intern to be aware of and comply
    with all local laws and to carry the necessary travel, health and liability insurance during their stay
    in Bangladesh. They must exercise caution and abide by customs to ensure their personal security.

    FCAB interns are expected to bear all costs and expenses related to their internships and stay in
    Bangladesh. FCAB may help them find lodging, travel and other logistical support but it is not
    obligated to do so. Interns must fund their own costs and a portion of the FCAB operations costs
    necessary to support their internships such as the cost of translators, program support, etc.

    Interns may not take pictures of FCAB community beneficiaries/partners/employees, etc. without
    first seeking their permission nor use them for commercial or personal purposes without informing
    FCAB and compensating the subjects as appropriate.

    Any and all materials created out of this internship shall belong to FCAB and no data or materials
    created may be used or shared with the public or otherwise published or used commercially
    without explicit permission to protect the privacy of our beneficiaries and for our organizational

    Interns may not disseminate any data, particularly beneficiary health or demographic data,
    program information or other proprietary information gained from their access to FCAB
    document or materials, field operations, FCAB database, etc. without seeking and receiving
    written permission for any such use or dissemination.

    Interns will share with FCAB any publications, reports or pictures/materials resulting from their internships which FCAB may, with intern's permission and knowledge, use and disseminate as appropriate such as through its website.

    *All accepted interns must provide evidence of health insurance during orientation

    4. Personal Statement

    5. References

    Students should provide contact details of two academic referees.
    Volunteers/Professionals should provide contact details of professional and/or academic referees
    (as relevant) and may additionally be required to submit a letter of recommendation from one of
    the referees.

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