Project Title Jeebika – Livelihood and Human Development Program
Project Location Bagdumur, Sirajganj
Project Duration August  2015 – December 2020
Total targeted families  of Bagdumur 211 families
Livelihood development families 94 Families ( Poor and Extreme Poor)
Population Covered 450 population: Male-225, Female-198, Children-27
Sponsored by FCAB
Implemented by Center for Zakat Management

Center for Zakat Management (CZM) is a social enterprise, aiming to promote and institutionalize the Muslim religious obligation of zakat, or almsgiving of a portion of one’s income to the poor, as an economic tool for bringing prosperity to the needy. CZM works towards the mobilization and proper distribution of zakat in an organized and planned manner by setting up different projects in Bangladesh. In 2015 FCAB’s Chairman donated zakat funds to CZM to support 94 ultra-poor families in Bagdumur in a “Jeebika” or ‘Livelihood Program’ for a period of five years to graduate them from poverty. During this time the families will receive health, education and other support as well as vocational training on the proper utilization of their zakat grants. This intervention will be within the context of FCAB’s wider “Smart Village” initiative which seeks to turn Bagdumur into a model village through an integrated development program addressing its energy, health, education, water/sanitation and agro/livelihood needs.

1.88M BDT
Grant Amount
3.83M BDT