COVID Mask Project


FCAB is working with government and local groups to assist in the prevention of Covid 19 spread.  FCAB has trained local women to make masks for distribution as needed.  FCAB has also provided hand sanitizer and hygiene awareness sessions to the local communities.

COVID Support: Over 2000 individuals or families benefited from FCAB’s Covid relief.
• COVID safety precaution messaging such as handwashing, wearing a mask, social distancing was incorporated in all FCAB activities since the start of the pandemic.
• Specific COVID awareness sessions were conducted with 23 students and Covid 19 precautions were discussed with 329 women.
• Initially we targeted those who needed, but did not receive government assistance, in response to the Director General of the NGO Affairs Bureau request for medical and financial support from FCAB in Sirajganj.
Mask/Antiseptic Distribution: 1250 individuals benefited.
• Provided 100 hospital grade American surgical face masks and antiseptic to Tarash village government and medical personnel
• Provided 50 hospital grade Surgical Masks and antiseptic to Sirajganj UNO for distribution as needed
• Raised funds for and purchased 1000 KN95 masks which were donated to Gono Shashto Covid Clinic, DG Health Ministry to distribute as needed.
• We are transitioning previously trained ultra-poor women tailors to make cloth face masks for distribution to the poor and needy.
• Donated 100 KN95 masks to Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit Children’s Hospital through partner Operation Mask Lift.